How to Brew BEER for Beginners? Coopers Extract Brewing With a TWIST!

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
Have you ever wanted to get into homebrewing? Well, this is our guide for getting into homebrewing for beginners with a twist! We show how you can make your very first pale ale!

This particular recipe is designed to be a really quick and easy brewday for people who have never brewed before or have only just gotten into home brewing. It allows you to combine all the ease of extract brewing, with an element of all grain, requiring minimal start up costs, equipment and ingredients, but providing you with the ability to really make this recipe your own and make some awesome homebrew pale ale! Coming in at 4.7% it sits in the middle of the ABV scale for the style. On the hops side we use Galaxy for a fresh, tropical, citrusy, passionfruit flavour profile, balanced by a light malt base for easy sessionable drinking.

Full guide here:

Equipment required
– Large cooking pot (anything between 4-20L (1-5 gal) will work)
– Extract Kit
– Hydrometer
– Measuring cylinder
– Stellarsan
– Mixing spoon
– 2 hop socks or grain bags
– Fermenter (a regular food-safe sealable bucket will do)
– Airlock
– Bucket tap (optional but very useful)
– About 24 750ml (25 oz) bottles OR 44 500ml (17 oz) bottles
– PET bottles & resealable flip-top bottles are both good op

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0:00 Opener
0:16 Intro
1:01 Ingredients/Equipment
3:01 Cleaning
3:35 Crushing Grains
3:56 Grain Steeping
6:12 Hop Addition
7:00 Why are we doing additions?
7:49 Removing Teabags
8:37 Extract Brewing
10:16 Dextrose Addition
11:19 making the Fermenter
12:36 Cooling and Transferring
14:23 How to Measure Gravity?
15:49 Yeast Pitching
16:35 Process of Fermentation
17:27 Dry Hopping
18:35 Bottling
20:47 Drinking our Homebrew!
25:54 Outro

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