Never buy beer from shops again. Just 40p a pint ! MYO Beer kit

Homebrew Beer Kits
Step by step easy to follow guide to making your own lager for less than 40p a pint UK. ABV 4.5%. MYO Beer kit purchased from The Range in the UK. Cost £14.99. Here
Refreshing and light, this easy drinking, golden lager has a crisp, clean flavour and gentle bitterness. Subtle cereal notes complement a delicate fruitiness on the nose.
Average ABV 4.5%
Colour Pale Gold
Bitterness 2/5

This Premium Lager Kit Includes:
Liquid Malt Extract
Brewer’s Yeast

You’ll also need:
MYO Fermentation Bucket (30L)
1KG MYO Dextrose Sugar
Mixing Paddle, Siphon, MYO Equipment Sanitiser and Thermometer Strip (included in MYO Equipment Starter Kit)
40 x 500ml reusable beer bottles (such as MYO Swing-top bottles)
Granulated Sugar (to carbonate beer)

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