West Coast IPA – All Grain Brew Day

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All Grain West Coast IPA Brew Day! I normally leave my recipe below via a link on Brewfather but since I don’t feel like the recipe is just right yet I’m not leaving it on the one. I will say that I used 11lbs Lamonte Pale Malt, 1lb Caramel 40, and 8oz of Carapils for my fermentables. For hops I bittered with .5 oz Warrior at 60, 1 oz Centennial at 15, and 1 oz each of Centennial and Amarillo at 5 min. I also dry hopped with another ounce of each Centennial and Amarillo after final gravity was reached for 3 days. I used a hoppy IPA water profile with distilled water and fermented with US 05 at 66 degrees F. Like I said in the video, leave a comment with your favorite adjunct grain for IPA color!! I feel like I need something other than caramel malt…..or maybe I don’t even need one at all!


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