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87% Pale Malt
7% Carared
5% Caramunich 3
1% Roasted Barley

IBU 29

Pilgrim 23 IBU 60 mins
Fuggles 3 Ibu 10 min
EKG 3 IBU 5 min

Stovetop Brewing Equipment – If you are interested in brewing your own beer and want to venture then please see my links below to a list of sites that provide starter kits and other equipment needed for the beginner

Basic kits for begginers which include some equipment and your first batch of ingredients, if you enjoy the procces then I encourage you to look at building a recipe yourself for the second brew.

Stovetop Starter Kit
Stovetope Recipe Kits
Stovetop Starter Kit
Stovetop Starter Kit
Stovetop Starter Kit
Recipe Builder
Recipe Builder

Additional Equipment

Brewing Equipment Stores for your other essentials including
Demi-john or 5ltr Fermenter, Bung and air lock, mini – auto-syphon, bottling wand, no rinse sanitiser, sticky thermometer for side of demi john, hydrometer, grains for building your recipes, brewing bags, bottles, bottle capper, bottle caps



Books that really helped me and I advise you purchase to start your stovetop homebrew journey

Brooklyn Brew Shop Making Beer
Brew Better Beer Book

Pan for the Brew Kettle
10Ltr minimum pan for the stove and in some cases an additional 7ltr pan depending on how you go with your brewing method.

The following pan is a cheaper option but does the job

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