Homebrew Heroes- D&D 5e Final Fantasy XIV Guide Part 8 (Black Mage Class)

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Today on Homebrew Heroes, I talk about the Black Mage class that can be used in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons! This is from the massive Final Fantasy 14 Companion Guide, which was created by SilentSoren and DnD redditors and players.

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Link to the Final Fantasy 14 Companion Guide by SilentSoren (Video based on Feb. 23, 2019 version, LINK HAS UPDATED VERSION):

Current Build and Previous Versions from FFXIVxDnD

Link to FFXIVxDND subreddit:

Link to my previous Final Fantasy Homebrew Heroes


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Pippin the Hunchback by Kevin MacLeod

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Video Footage:

Basically, Black Mage [FFXIV] by Larryzaur

FFXIV – Ultimate Black Mage/BLM Guide (Patch 4.58) by Desperius FFXIV

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