How to do Brew in a Bag: Easy all-grain beer brewing for beginners

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
Learn how to make beer the most “doin’ the most” way! In this simply-worded and thoroughly explained howto video we show you how to brew all-grain beer with the brew-in-a-bag technique. We decided to do an American Wheat beer for this video due to the simplicity of the style! We walk you through all the steps to brew all-grain beer at home: prep, mash, drain and squish, boil, pitch, and package! YOU can brew beer. Yes it requires some special gear and a whole afternoon – but it’s WORTH it, we promise! This ale was grain to glass in one month.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Thanks to @NorthernBrewerTV!
2:20 Gear rundown
2:57 Recipe
5:03 Preparation
6:16 Mash
10:43 Drain & Squish
12:08 Boil
15:57 Yeast pitch
16:34 Packaging
17:49 Tasting


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