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Homebrew Cider
How to make your own Toffee Apple Cider – step by step recipe. Recipe and Method below:

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How we made homebrew Toffee Apple Cider – step by step.
20 litres Apple Juice
450ml Maple Syrup
320g Treacle
4tbsp Vanilla extract
Camden tablets
Cider Yeast
PLUS more Sugar and Sweetener when bottling.

Sterilise all equipment before using throughout.
Put 18 litres of apple juice into bucket – leave to one side.
In a pot add 2 litres of apple juice, treacle and maple syrup, heat up until melted, then add to the bucket of apple juice.
Add 4 crushed Camden tables, mix, pop on the lid and leave for 24 hours.
After 24-48 hours add 5-10g of cider yeast, pop on lid – wait for 7 days.
After 7 days transfer to demijohns – leave until bubbling stops then wait another 2 weeks (ish)
(Don’t bother adding pectolase)
after 6-8weeks(ish) Bottle cider – Add 1tsp of sweetener and 1/2 tbsp of sugar before adding the cider to the bottles from the demijohns. close and store in a cool, dark dry place. should be ready to drink in about 4 weeks.
Add some labels so you remember what the heck you’ve brewing, then enjoy cold over ice.

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