Harness the Power of Homemade Probiotics for Gut Health | Kid-tested

Homebrew Kombucha
Are you looking for ways to support your family’s immune system? Do you need inspiration for tasty ways to heal your gut microbiome? Then this is the video for you. Come along as I share with you 3 easy ways to make healthy, homemade probiotic-rich foods part of your everyday routine. We will just how convenient it is to make your own kombucha tea, learn to fearlessly ferment your own vegetables with my Fermented Ginger Carrots, and supercharge your gut-bacteria army with raw milk kefir smoothies. Let’s do this!

Kombucha Tea Recipe and Video Link: https://dixielivinghomestead.com/fizzy-kombucha-recipe/

Fermented Ginger Carrots Recipe:

Milk Kefir Instructions and Kefir Smoothie Recipe: https://dixielivinghomestead.com/kefir-yogurt-smoothie-recipe/

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