How to Make Beer – Brown Ale

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
Beer! Yay Beer! Had to do it. How to Make Beer, a Brown Ale to be specific. The Brown Ale is a prolific and ubiquitous brew from England that also has cousins in the US. Generally not all that strong of hops, but a bit sweet, lower on the alcohol scale than some, with a nutty character. It’s considered a dark beer, but it’s not always that dark. It’s a remarkably simple beer with only two types of grains, and I used one type of hops. While this may not be a true traditional Brown, it’s pretty close, and it’s easy enough to make and simple enough to alter the recipe to your liking. This recipe is for 1 gallon, but you can scale it to any size.

25.6 ounces of 2 row cracked malted barley
6.4 ounces of cracked crystal malt
1/5 packet of Safale S-04 ale yeast
.3 ounces cascade hops pellets
Water to make about 1.5 gallons
That’s it! Seriously.
Some links to items used in the Video:

* The little hot plate that couldn’t:
* 1 Gallon glass carboy:
* Safale S-04 Yeast:
* Trbos, the Red Bucket of Sanitization:
* Hydrometer:
* Self Stirring Cup:
* Turkey Baster!
* Graduated Cylinder
* Autosiphon

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