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Homebrew Beer Recipes
A classic lager with a hoppy twist. This home brew hoppy lager is named after Brisbane’s 1982 Commonwealth Games mascot, Matilda.

Our Matilda Hoppy Lager features Morgan’s Brewing Co. Blue Mountain Lager, a classic and quality home brew extract with a light, pleasant hop bouquet. Additionally, Amarillo and Centennial hops add a twist of floral, tropical and citrus notes. Brewed with a 500g Gold Blend to ensure a mid strength beer and Mangrove Jack’s California Lager yeast to achieve a clean, crisp taste.

Home Brew Recipe:
1 x Morgan’s Blue Mountain Lager
1 x Gold Blend
1 x California Lager Yeast
1 x Amarillo Finishing Hop
1 x Centennial Finishing Hop

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