West Coast IPA Brew Day

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
West Coast IPAs are one of my favorite beer styles. Big citrus and pine aromas come from a huge addition of fresh hops. The style is hoppy, with a clean bitterness and golden appearance. This is a homebrew-size recipe for one of my most popular beers:

Volume: 6.5 gals. (24.6 L)
ABV: 6.5%

(mash at 148F / 64C)
– 2-Row (11 lbs / 5 kg)
– Flaked rice (4 lbs / 1.8 kg )
– Yeast: any clean profile chico strain (American Ale)

60 min addition:
– Warrior (21 g)
– Cascade (28 g)
– Chinook LupoMax (7 g)

5 min addition:
– Centennial (14 g)
– Citra (14 g)
– Simcoe (14 g)


First addition (28 g each):
– Cascade LupoMax
– Citra LupoMax
– Simcoe LupoMax

Second addition (28 g each):
– Cascade LupoMax
– Citra LupoMax
– Simcoe LupoMax

I like to space the dry-hop charges 2 days apart. After the first addition, wait 2 days then drop the hops from the tank or transfer to a second fermenter. Add in the second charge and wait another 2 days. Do a diacetyl rest (about 2 – 3 days at room temperature) before crashing. This is a post-fermentation dry-hop process, so be sure to limit oxygen exposure when hopping. Its best practice to keep positive CO2 pressure on the tank while the lid is open to limit oxygen ingress.

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