Homebrew Beer Recipes
As you may have noticed, our cold brew routine is on a rapid brew-drink-repeat cycle all summer long☀️

One of the many reasons why cold brew is a favorite brewing method for us during this season is it’s super easy and accessible to make at home with no fancy cold brew makers necessary!

Our easiest method is that if you already own a French press, this essentially doubles as a cold brew maker! It’s actually our founder Sahra’s favorite way to make cold brew because there’s no disposable filters needed and it saves space at home. Just add your coffee and water, steep overnight, and plunge as normal when it’s ready.

For other easy brewing vessels, you can use a mason jar, stock pot, or any large container that will fit your brew and that has a lid to cover. For classic brewing, a mason jar or pitcher is great for easy mixing and storage. For some of our cold brew recipes that contain added flavors and spices, we tend to reach for a stock pot for brewing!

When it comes to straining the cold brew, our go-to’s are cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve. Both can be easily found online or at most kitchen appliance stores. No complicated instructions from there – just strain and enjoy!

Need some extra inspiration? Head to the link below for all of our latest drink recipes and get started on your batch of cold brew in no time!