Hefeweizen Extract Wheat Ale – Closed Transfer – Homebrew Tasting

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Hefeweizen Extract Wheat Ale – Closed Transfer – Homebrew Tasting

This is Part 2 of https://youtu.be/Byay8-IocC0
This video covers the transfer and final tasting after carbonation completed.
The Hefeweizen is a bit darker as it is a liquid malt extract which is always darker compared to an all grain version plus reducing it from 6 to 5 gallons added to that darkening.

This was a 6 gallon kit that I converted to a 5 gallon kit while maintaining the body of the beer while keeping the abv around 5%.

Pitched the yeast it came with Mangrove Jack’s M20 Bavarian Wheat Yeast imparting banana and clove esters with hints of spice aromas.

I simply used the kit as is with the addition of 1 lb of corn sugar and 1 lb of DME Wheat with 1 gallon of 170 F water and topped off with enough spring water to ensure I had a total of 5 gallons going into the fermentor at 68 F.

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Items used to brew this batch:
Mangrove Jack’s Bavarian Wheat
Tilt Hydrometer
Yellow Tilt Hydrometer and Thermometer
Corn Sugar
Muntons Wheat DME
Muntons Plain Wheat DME 3 LBS
6.5 gallon brew bucket
6 gallon glass carboy

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