Poured in PA: The Series Episode 49 “Homebrew Con”

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
Pennsylvania loves craft beer, so it’s no surprise that homebrewing is hugely popular here in the Keystone state. Without dedicated homebrew hobbyists, breweries in Pennsylvania would look nothing like they do today. In this episode, we head to Pittsburgh to visit Homebrew Con, the world’s largest homebrew gathering and beer competition, to see why homebrewers continue to be a vital part of Pennsylvania’s craft beer scene.

In this episode:
00:00 The World’s Largest Homebrew Gathering and Beer Competition
01:50 Kevin Stewart – The Path from Chef to Homebrewer
03:40 Marcus Wyatt – Windy Bridges Brewing & Inner Groove Brewery’s Assistant Brewer
06:15 The Evolution of Homebrewing Technology and Equipment
07:12 The Band of Media Brewers
09:50 Club Night, Speakers, and The National Homebrew Competition Awards
10:41 T.R.A.S.H. – Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers
11:52 Women in The Homebrewing Community
12:26 Brian Eaton – Grist House Craft Brewery
14:07 Homebrewing Resources Available to You

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Poured in PA began as a documentary project from GK Visual showcasing Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry. Poured in PA the film (2018) was featured at film festivals across the country, earning dozens of awards, including a nomination for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy.

While many breweries throughout Pennsylvania were part of the feature-length documentary, it was impossible to include them all. There were more breweries to visit and more compelling stories to share. This evolved into Poured in PA: The Series, which allowed us to do just that.

Hosted by Danielle Hartman, each episode tells one or more stories related to Pennsylvania’s craft beer community. Our star-studded lineup represents breweries from every region in Pennsylvania! Learn more about us at: https://www.pouredinpa.com/

We are excited to bring Pennsylvania’s beer industry into your home, and we hope you enjoy the stories we get to share. In every episode viewers can expect: a look into the craft beer industry, fun ingredients, craft brewers, local breweries, some live music, road tripping across the state of PA to capture craft beer stories, community, with plenty of hops, grains, drafts, cans, bottles, and food!

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