Chai Spiced Hard Cider – How to make Hard Cider at Home!

Homebrew Cider
I love the way this cider came out! Flavorful, drinkable and refreshing. Can’t recommend enough.

The recipe used in this video:
– 4 Gallons store-bought 100% Apple Juice from concentrate (w/ Ascorbic Acid)
– 1lb Pure Cane Sugar
– .5 Gal. Distilled water(dissolve sugar in water & add to juice)
– Brewers Best Cider House Yeast
– 19(lol) Chai Spice Tea Bags(cold steep in fermenter for 48hrs.)

Stabilizing Cider to backsweeten:
– .25tsp Potassium Metabisulfite added once at final gravity
– 2.5tsp Potassium Sorbate added 12-24hrs. later
– Wait 24-48 hours and sweeten with sugar, juice or concentrates

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