Making your first lager step by step

Homebrew Beer for Beginners
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Our friend Dillon who helps create the awesome videos you enjoy on our youtube and social media channels has shared his experience of making his first lager, taking you step by step through his process

Trying to nail that first all grain lager brew is simple with the right equipment, best ingredients and solid advise from Geterbrewed. Two points to keep in mind is sterilisation processes to ensure everything is clean and sterile & temperature control needs to be accurate for best results.

We want our customers brewing great beer so are happy to help you get it right!

For the HOME BREWERS, we have an huge selection of the best ingredients and brewing equipment for all levels from Extract to All Grain Brewing available on our website with Express Worldwide shipping:

For the MICRO BREWERIES, our purpose built warehouse and storage facilities ensure that you get the finest and freshest ingredients backed up by great customer care, expertise and a genuine love for brewing.

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