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Some beers are great fresh, others benefit from a bit of age — specifically big, high-gravity, ABV-packed styles like barleywines, imperial stouts, and Scottish wee heavy. That might mean just a few months to mellow out a bit, or as long as few years to taste and enjoy the full evolution of a beer’s flavors. Head development brewer Brad Segall tastes and talks us through two Northern Brewer beer kits, Exotic Tropic Wheatwine and Northy 12 Belgian Quad (both aged five-plus years), to highlight benefits of ageing homebrew and keg- or bottle-conditioning for long-term storage.

00:00 Intro
01:38 – Tasting Notes on Aged Beers
05:43 – Option 1: Aging in Kegs
07:02 – Option 2: Bottling Conditioning
09:15 – Pitch More Yeast!

Exotic Tropic Wheatwine Beer Recipe Kit
* Extract:
* All-Grain:

Northy 12 Belgian Quad Beer Recipe Kit
* Extract:
* All-Grain:

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