Kölsch Recipe & Tasting: Homebrew Jar of Destiny

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We take a break from all the hops this week and dive into John’s latest Jar of Destiny Beer; an extremely nice Kölsch!

Find the recipe below.

This beer was wonderfully fermented despite a challenging warm summer. John fermented this at 62F and it shows no signs that it would be improved trying to ferment a little lower. The white foamy head lasted a long time and the cracker Pilsner aroma complimented the mild lager-like aroma on the nose.

We discuss at length the way the hops presented themselves in this beer. Overall, maybe the hopping could be a little less, but it came out as a great expression of good old Nobel Hop character, which we really enjoyed. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed the beer.


Jar of Destiny Kolsch

Grain Bill
9.25 pounds (4.2 kg) Weyermann Pilsner malt (2° L) 95% of grain bill
0.5 lb. (227 g) Weyermann Vienna Malt (3° L) 5% of grain bill

Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops (1.5 oz./42 g) at 5.9 % AA for 60 minutes

Wyeast WY2565 Kölsch yeast

Mash Instructions

Mashed with 4 US gallons (15 Liters) of spring water – no alterations
149° F/65° C for 90 minutes

Collected 7.5 US gallons (28 Liters) of wort

Boil Instructions

Boiled for 75 minutes – added hops with 60 minutes left to go in the boil
Added a Whirlfloc tablet with 15 minutes left to go in the boil

Fermentation Instructions

Chilled wort to 60° F (16° C) – added starter and yeast packet. Fermented for 2 weeks

Packaging Instructions

Cold crashed and added gelatin – 1 teaspoon (3 g) in ¾ of a cup (177 milliliters) of water

Closed transfer to keg and forced carbonated

“Lagering in keg”

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